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Research published by the Child Poverty Action Group shows that it now costs almost £150,000 to bring up a child to age 18 and meet their minimum needs. This is a rise of 4% over the last 12 months.

The cost of Bringing up a Child

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Key findings from the research show:
  • It now costs a minimum of £148,000 (or £160 per week) in total to bring up a child to age 18 and meet their minimum needs
  • The minimum costs raised by 4% in 2013 while safety net benefits for families only rose by 1%, average earnings by 1.5% with child benefit not increasing at all
  • Many low income families have also seen a cut in the housing support as a result of the introduction of the 'bedroom tax'
  • Hard pressed families have had to deal with rapidly increasing childcare costs, which have increased at 5.9% in the last year
  • Minimum wage families face an increasing shortfall for the spending their children need, with families receiving out of work benefits facing an even greater shortfall of income
  • Families with children tend to fall lower down the income distribution and be at higher risk of poverty than those without children

Paul Hicks, Family Law solicitor at Simpson Millar, said that the research shows how financially stretched families with children are which seems to be a problem which is becoming an issue of real concern in these times of economic hardship.

Simpson Millar LLP understands this and so our Family Law Solicitors now offer 2 levels of service:

  1. £118.80 (incl of VAT) Set Fee
  2. Access to Justice

£118.80 + VAT Fixed Fee

The £118.80 (incl of VAT) Set Fee Service includes:
  • An initial 30 minute consultation with a solicitor
  • Drafting of supporting documents and the divorce petition
  • Advice on the divorce procedure
  • Drafting the decree nisi and decree absolute applications
  • Advice on financial matters if you and your partner have assets such as property

Access to Justice Service

The Access to Justice Service is designed to help those on a low income or those who are receiving benefits. Clients who qualify are eligible for legal advice and representation at a reduced rate of £90 (incl of VAT) per hour.

Please note, the solicitor does not go to court to act on your behalf. Also, the filing and service of the documents are not included in this scheme and you will have to pay your own court fees.

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