Simpson Millar LLP and Scope Welcome Parents and Carers in Rotherham


On the 21nd of January 2014 in Rotherham, Scope, a national charity, are welcoming families and carers to find out information that could make their lives easier.

Parents and Carers day, Rotherham

Scope Invites Parents and Carers to Join Them

Scope, is a charity that helps disabled people and their families reach for the same goals and opportunities as everyone else. Without the support that they provide, many disabled people and their families miss vital opportunities.

–The day will be about providing access to families with disabled family members, rather than limiting their potential and giving them the freedom to choose and be independent.

This free event will give parents and carers the chance to talk about the impact of the Children and Families Bill on Special Educational Needs (SEN). The government has already announced a £30 million investment in 'independent supporters' to help families up and down the country to navigate the new SEN system, but will this be enough?

On top of this, how easy will it be to make sure you get the provision you and your family need when we are facing huge cuts in public funding across all services?

How Will The Children and Families Bill Affect You?

Not only will the new Bill concentrate on SEN, it will look at pulling together the resources of 3 different departments (education, social care and health) to create a more holistic system. Although this seems a simplification of the system, in the past these 3 resources have not always worked together effectively. Emma Pearmaine, partner and head of the family law team of solicitors based in Leeds commented, “The Simpson Millar family law team have been working with the Family Court Unions Parliamentary group in a lobbying and advisory capacity about the effect of the Bill on members of the public, and raising the parliamentarians awareness of key issues.”

This is why an informational day is so important, to bring people together to allow them to understand, work with, and take control of the actions and decisions that affect their lives. It was already difficult to get children SEN provisions under the previous system, will the new system be up to the job?

Simpson Millar LLP Attending

To help with any legal questions that crop up on the day, Simpson Millar LLP will be there to provide support. Our solicitors know the trials of dealing with SEN statements and will be able to tell you how the change to education, health and care plans will affect your children that have severe and complex needs.

An education and community law specialist at Simpson Millar LLP, who will be attending said, “This is a time when the systems appear to be changing dramatically, just at the point when we face diminishing funds to deal even with current needs. All parents need to make sure they know who to go to about getting what their family needs in education as well as social care and health support.”

If you have any questions or concerns about your rights to education and care support, take part in workshops and other activities designed to foster support and understanding of the impending changes. Neil Fearn will also be attending the informational day to talk to parents whose children have been affected by cerebral palsy and other illnesses that have affected your child's education.

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