Simpson Millar LLP and CWUHA Convoy to Moldova


You might have seen posts from us previously in anticipation of our convoy to Moldova in September with the Communication Workers Union Humanitarian Aid (CWUHA). We had high hopes for everything we wanted to achieve during the trip – we're reporting back to let you know how it went!

The Purpose of the Trip

The CWUHA undertake convoys each year to deliver much needed aid to support vulnerable children across the world. Simpson Millar is proud to be able to support these annual convoys. James Urquhart, our solicitor specialising in NHS Continuing Healthcare Claims, and Julie Dowd from Debt Free Direct (also part of Fairpoint Group PLC) joined the CWUHA for this convoy to Moldova.

For the 20th anniversary of the CWUHA, the convoy planned an ambitious journey to Moldova to renovate and open the Phoenix Centre, which would be an activity centre for children and young people with disabilities. This hoped to make sure that over 400 individuals could access the vital equipment they need every year.

A Short Diary of Events from James and Julie

Wednesday 16th September – The 7 vehicle convoy arrived in Balti, a city in Northern Moldova. We arrived in the evening after a huge 1,800 mile journey from Hull.

Thursday 17th September – We arrived at the Phoenix centre and to be able to work together, we formed chains to get the boxes of aid in from the vans. We were amazed by the final result of the Phoenix Centre, which is now fully kitted out with facilities such as sensory rooms. Later on in the day we went to the town hall to deliver aid to vulnerable families.

Friday 18th September – We helped to make the final preparations for the formal opening of the Phoenix centre on Saturday. We then went on to visit a school for children from vulnerable families and an infant hospital where more aid was delivered.

Saturday 19th September – Today was the big day – the grand opening of the Phoenix Centre! It was attended by the Prime Minister for Moldova along with the British Ambassador and was a great success.

An Excellent Result Made Possible by Donations

Julie and James had been working hard fundraising to make the convoy possible since December 2014, but along with this came a large donation from Premex Services. Premex are a leading provider of independent medico-legal reports and have worked with our Personal Injury and Medical Negligence solicitors to provide reports that often help to resolve our clients' cases. Premex have donated to the convoy in the past and kindly donated a further £500 this year to help this cause.


We're very pleased that this convoy saw such great results and was able to make a difference to the lives of children and young people in Moldova. At Simpson Millar LLP, we're proud to continue supporting the CWUHA and their aid work, and look forward to continuing to take part in their annual convoys.

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