Simpson Millar Launches Citizenship Advice for Polish Speakers


At Simpson Millar, our Immigration Law team specialise in supporting European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their families with all aspects of immigration issues. As a nationwide law firm already well-established in providing advice for Polish speakers, we're now pleased to also offer advice on your immigration status in Polish.

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Helping Polish Nationals Secure Permanent Residence

Like much of our Polish speaking legal team, many Polish residents have spent many years working to building a career, family, friends and a life in the UK. Having supported many EEA nationals gain citizenship, we know that helping you achieve this gives you a great deal of peace of mind and security over your future.

As the Immigration Rules are constantly changing, and a referendum on whether the UK will leave the European Union is imminent, securing permanent residence is now becoming much more of a priority for our Polish clients. Should the UK vote to leave the EU, the residency rights of EU nationals may become subject to greater controls.

Our Services for You and Your Family

All EEA nationals have the unrestricted right to study and work in the UK. After 5 years of residence, you are able you apply for permanent residence. Our team help with the following:

  • Permanent Residence card applications,
  • Advice on naturalising as a British citizen,
  • Applications for Entry Clearance for family members from outside the EEA,
  • Registration Certificates for EEA nationals in the UK,
  • Applications for Residence Cards for family members,
  • Support with appeals.

How We Can Help You

The application process can be daunting, especially when you're faced with a foreign and complicated legal system. Our Polish advisers offer a familiar helping hand throughout, breaking down the process so that it's straightforward and easy to understand.

Specialist advice from our experts can offer you and your family security and a life free from immigration controls. To see how we could help you today, you can contact our Polish team on 0808 129 3320.

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