Simpson Millar is Proud to Support the British Lung Foundation's Mesothelioma Research Fund


As a firm representing many clients with mesothelioma, Simpson Millar is very proud to support the Mesothelioma Research Fund. The UK has the worst published mortality rates in the world for mesothelioma, due to high asbestos use in the past, which makes it very important to conduct research and try to bring that number down.

Gavin Evans, Head of Industrial Disease at Simpson Millar, says: “We work on many mesothelioma cases and see first-hand that being diagnosed with mesothelioma or indeed any asbestos related disease can leave a person feeling angry, upset and worried for their future. Historically, research into mesothelioma has been neglected and the misconception that all lung diseases are caused by smoking (in other words self-induced) is an important reason. People don’t realise their disease might very well be related to the place they (used to) work.”

“By supporting the Mesothelioma Research Fund we hope to help the British Lung Foundation with their mission to make a change for all people who suffer from this horrible disease and their families.”

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