Simpson Millar Industrial Disease Team Attend Annual BTOG Conference


The Law Of… understanding thoracic cancer

Three of the expert solicitors from Simpson Millar's Industrial Disease team, Gavin Evans, Helen Grady, and Anthony Waddington are attending the 15th annual conference of the British Thoracic Oncology Group (BTOG).

Simpson Millar Industrial Disease Team Attend Annual BTOG Conference

Featuring symposiums, lectures, exhibitions, and presentations on a variety of topics facing those who work with thoracic cancer, the conference will allow the team to gain a greater insight and understanding into many of the diseases sadly suffered by some of their clients.

The conference, held in Dublin, underlines the work completed by BTOG, as the charity's vision is to ensure that those suffering from thoracic malignancies have equitable access to optimal care across the UK and Ireland.

BTOG Mission

The BTOG is a professional community of medical professionals that deal with thoracic malignancies, who share their expertise, information, and innovations in order to promote the best possible research.

Representing patient's needs and looking to improve their outcomes, the charity is based at Glenfield Hospital, Leicester; however it does not receive any funding from the NHS.

As a collaborative collection of medical professionals, BTOG often work alongside groups with shared values, for example the charity partners up with Mesothelioma UK to deliver an "Essential Update" on mesothelioma, which is a form of lung cancer linked almost exclusively with exposure to asbestos.

BTOG have also been involved in an expert working group report on tackling the emergency presentation of lung cancer, which was put together by the British Lung Foundation (BLF), a charity for whom Simpson Millar are legal patrons.

Since its inception as a lung cancer and mesothelioma research group, BTOG has become the leading multi-discipline group for health care professionals involved in treating thoracic malignancies.

Improving Understanding Of Thoracic Malignancies

Attending BTOG's annual conference will allow our Industrial Disease team to visit one of the leading educational oncology events in the UK and Ireland and gives them an opportunity to understand how health care professionals manage treatment for the diseases that they regularly help their clients comes to terms with.

Having treatment knowledge will be of huge benefit to clients, as Gavin Evans – Head of Industrial Disease – explains:

"It will be really useful to attend the BTOG annual conference and see first-hand how medical professionals on the front line manage the awful thoracic cancers that we sadly see our clients suffer from on a regular basis."

"At the conference, we can interact with some of the leading figures dealing with thoracic malignancies and will attend insightful sessions that should help us better understand our client's needs."

The conference features a session on developing patient-centred care for mesothelioma sufferers, which Helen Grady – Partner on the Industrial Disease team – explains will be of particular benefit:

"We expect that all of the sessions will give us a great insight into the day-to-day management of thoracic malignancies; however the session on mesothelioma sounds as though it will be especially relevant to our clients."

"There will be a discussion on how individual prognosis and outlooks after diagnosis should be smarter and patients should get an individual estimate for how long they have before their condition worsens, this is especially prevalent in cases of mesothelioma where the length of survival can vary greatly between individual patients."

"There will also be a talk on the role of mesothelioma support groups and it is refreshing to hear that medical professionals will be underlining the benefits of patients supporting other patients, as many of our clients find peer support invaluable after their diagnosis."

Considering how the information shared at the conference could benefit his clients, Anthony Waddington – Solicitor in the Industrial Disease team – said:

"This three day event will see hundreds of experts and leading healthcare professionals come together with the express goal of sharing information about thoracic malignancies."

"I anticipate that this will be extremely useful to gain a more in depth understanding of the practicalities faced by those treating lung cancer, mesothelioma, and other malignancies on a daily basis."

"BTOG undergoes such important research into thoracic malignancies and for an organisation to promote best practice and build such a huge network of professionals over 15 years is commendable."

"I am sure that attending this conference will be hugely beneficial for our whole team and we will be able to use the information that we gather to better support our clients both now and in the future."

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