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The Law Of… Supporting Our Polish Community

In September our Polish Team attended the 8th annual Goniec Polish Festival. It was an important event in the calendar of the local community and took place in Ealing Common in London.

Our Polish Team (Pogotowie Prawne) were in attendance, and we caught up with our Personal Injury and Polish team Associate Agnieszka Lipko about the event. She answered our questions about the event and explained why Simpson Millar wanted to be a part of it.

Simpson Millar at the Goniec Festival

Why Did Simpson Millar Attend The Festival?

“Our Polish Team has been one of the exhibitors at the festival for years. As a firm who provides legal service for the Polish community in the UK, we think it’s important to be present at the Goniec Polish Festival.

It’s one of the most popular events for Poles in the UK and the festival attracts thousands of visitors. Our Polish Department at Simpson Millar was set up back in 2006 and since then we have actively taken part in events organised for the Polish Community in the UK.”

What Was The Festival Like?

“Ealing Common had a great Polish vibe last Saturday! The weather was very good and the festival attracted many people. The outdoor festival is a great opportunity to meet friends, spend a day off with the family, while participating in the attractions prepared by the organisers.

It was a great chance to taste traditional Polish cuisine and listen to popular Polish bands. The event is also a perfect opportunity to network with English and Polish entrepreneurs and businesses.”

Simpson Millar At the Goniec Festival

What Was Your Highlight Of The Festival?

“The festival always gives our team the chance to meet many inspiring people and hear the interesting stories from Poles living in the UK. It’s exciting how creative and enterprising our community can be. I also like the atmosphere of this festival as you can see whole families attending together, participating in various attractions and having fun.”

What Do These Kinds Of Festivals Mean To The Polish Community?

“The festivals give the Polish community a chance to feel like they’re in Poland for the day. But more than that, it’s important for every community to feel noticeable. It's also a fantastic time for Polish people to introduce other people to their culture, language, traditions as well as Polish food or music.”

Simpson Millar at the Goniec Festival

The team enjoyed their day at the festival and ran a raffle for children and adults. If you’d like help or support from our specialist Polish team, you can get in touch with them here.

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