Simpson Millar Co-Sponsors South West Regional Lung Cancer Meeting


The Law Of... promoting best practice for lung cancer treatment

The specialist asbestos illness team from Simpson Millar LLP co-sponsored a regional lung cancer meeting for the South West, which aimed to share best practices and saw a number of experts from the area share treatment advice for lung cancer sufferers.

Simpson Millar Co-Sponsors South West Regional Lung Cancer Meeting

Helen Grady – Partner in Simpson Millar's Industrial Disease team – attended the event at Muddifords Court Country House, in Cullompton with her new Senior Paralegal, Claire White.

Claire is an established and skilled lawyer, who has over 20 years of experience in handling personal injury and industrial disease claims. Claire did her legal training in Cape Town, where she grew up and – due to South Africa's numerous asbestos mines – saw first-hand the devastating lung diseases that can develop from exposure to harmful materials.

Lung Cancer In The South West

According to the most recent figures published by Public Health England, there are more than 2,900 new cases of lung cancer diagnosed in the South West every year.

While lung cancer incidence and mortality rates amongst males in the South West are the lowest in England, there is a concerning prognosis for lung cancer sufferers in the region, with mortality rates closely mirroring incident rates.

With lung cancer five-year survival rates in the South West remaining relatively unchanged during the last 20 years, local experts are hoping to establish best practices that can ensure that the outlook for sufferers improves moving forward.

It is this collaborative approach that inspires meetings such as that hosted at Muddifords Court Country House, as experts can meet and discuss treatment options, nutrition plans, and other forms of support that can be offered to lung cancer patients.

South West Regional Lung Cancer Meeting

The meeting saw lectures by Dr Helen Brookes, Registrar in Oncology; Wendy Burley, from Penny Brohn UK in Bristol; Louisa Taylor, Lead Dietician at Exeter Hospital and Ms Eveline Internullo, who provided an update on surgical advances for lung cancer treatment.

Other sponsors of the event included Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer and Eli Lilly.

Of the event, Helen said:

"Firstly, huge thanks are owed to Ros Goldsmith, specialist Lung Cancer Nurse from the RUH in Bath, for organising such a wonderful and truly insightful event."

"I would also like to thank my assistant Claire for joining me. Since arriving at our firm, she has been a fantastic addition to our South West-based asbestos illness team. Claire has already helped with so many of my asbestos illness cases and her legal research and knowledge in the asbestos field are second to none."

"The event was very well attended and it is such an honour to be able to co-sponsor and listen to lectures on lung cancer and mesothelioma. These diagnoses are so devastating and I firmly believe that it is so important that, when seeing our clients who have been diagnosed, we have some knowledge of their treatments and what they are going through."

"I was absolutely delighted to learn that the many holistic sessions on offer at Penny Brohn UK are absolutely free of charge."

"They do excellent work at their centre in Bristol and sufferers can receive advice on the best nutrition plans before, during, and after chemotherapy. They also offer free counselling sessions for cancer patients and their partners or carers."

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