Simpson Millar and Little Hiccups Raise over £1,200 with 1m steps challenge


According to the NHS, taking 10,000 steps a day could significantly improve your health. The average person only takes between 3 and 4,000 steps a day.

But could you do 1,000,000 for charity?

Group shot of Katy (from Little Hiccups), John H Stracey, Vince Heckaman and Anthony Newby

Volunteers did just that, raising over £1,298 for the Little Hiccups charity to fund Kangoo all terrain buggies.

Who Are Little Hiccups?

Little Hiccups are a support group based in Leeds setup by 2 mothers who both have children with special needs. They had a vision to bring parents and families of disabled children together, to make memories and experience the support of other families in similar situations.

The 1million steps challenge took place in Armley Park on the 161 Killer Steps in Leeds with the support of Simpson Millar LLP, providing refreshments and snacks to the runners on the day. We also helped to secure and fund the park so the event could take place. A medical negligence solicitor at Simpson Millar LLP and committee member of Little Hiccups said "This is a charity that is very close to my heart; I've seen the amazing work they do for families in and around Leeds and I am grateful to Simpson Millar LLP for getting behind this event".China Clarke

Heavyweight Helpers

Little Hiccups also got in contact with Brendan O'Connor, Mike Tobin and Antony 'Trailblazer' Newby from Trailblazers Bootcamps to start off the idea of completing a 1,000,000 step challenge in one day. Former welterweight boxing champion John H Stracey also supported the day and travelled all the way from Spain to participate. He also donated a signed montage of his fighting career which Little Hiccups will be auctioning to raise more money. In total, 1,219,786 steps were taken by those participating in the event.

But it didn't end there, another generous man called Vince Heckman heard about this and got in touch. Vince is the best friend of John H Stracey and started to follow Little Hiccups on Facebook, having read about their events, family activities and the hard work that goes into raising funds for all the Little Hiccups families he wanted to do more to help out.

Vince amazingly decided that he wanted to commit to purchasing a new Kangoo All Terrain Buggy for Little Hiccups through his companies Thermo Casa and Spanish Coast Villa's.

Making Memories Happen

Linsay Medica, founder of Little Hiccups expressed that it was impossible for children in wheelchairs to "access the beach, smell the sea air, and feel the sand" but this event would help to contribute to 2 new Kangoo All Terrain Buggies to make those memories happen. These buggies can be quite expensive but the charity hoped to make them available for families to rent when they are going on holidays, going to the beach or even walking on Dales.

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