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There appears to have been a number of celebrity deaths in the recent months. Many of us follow these talented icons throughout their lives in admiration of having achieved so much.

Prince performing at Coachella in 2008Prince performing at Coachella in 2008

Their deaths bring about some curiosity, and we all want to know if they have provided for their nearest and dearest and whether they decided who should inherit their estate. They may even have left it to the laws of the country where they are domiciled.

Died Intestate?

Prince Rogers Nelson passed away April 2016, it has come to light that he died without leaving a Will for his multimillion pound fortune. His estate is continuing to generate an income and will continue to generate income for some time.

Prince's sister Tyka Nelson, his only surviving full sibling, has confirmed in court documents that Prince has not left a Will. This will probably cause lengthy arguments and negotiations, not forgetting the legal costs of reaching such an agreement and emotional strain on the relationships, between Tyka and the remaining siblings when deciding who should receive a share of the estate.

Something Everyone Should Write

Prince's death, once again, highlights the importance of preparing a Will to ensure that your estate is distributed as and how you wish, to avoid conflict and minimise tax liabilities.

Death is inevitable, and something for which there is no age. We spend our lives earning and saving for our futures but don’t plan what will happen or how we would want our estate to be distributed once we have died.

There are no words to stress the importance of preparing a Will to ensure that your estate is shared and divided how you wish, to limit disputes between families after you've died.

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