Sickness still “rife” at Hotel Los Gigantes, say Tripadvisor reviewers


Holidaymakers staying at the Hotel Los Gigantes on Tenerife in March have reported that holiday sickness is “rife” at the hotel.

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The Hotel Los Gigantes has a track record of holidaymakers falling ill with sickness and diarrhoea and reviews posted online at Tripadvisor as recently as 13 March have suggested that the problem is ongoing. One holidaymaker posted a damning review on 13 March:

“Very worrying to read that the sickness bug is rife at Hotel Los Gigantes and has been for many years. My family were all very ill during a stay there 3 years ago. It’s always a problem at this hotel. Some friends who visited over the Christmas period went down with it too. When we go to Tenerife now we don’t even visit the hotel in case we pick up the bug again... They do say that the doctor has his own room there because he is never away from the place. I don’t think hygiene is a problem as such. Its caused by the area which is in a bay and the sea spray carries the bug back in to the area. My advice is don’t go there.”

Poor hygiene and food preparation are the usual causes for outbreaks of holiday sickness and diarrhoea – and sea spray is unlikely to be the source unless it contains raw sewage.

Other holidaymakers who have stayed at the Hotel Los Gigantes recently posted reviews which cited poor hygiene and food preparation as the possible source of the illness among guests. A holidaymaker whose thirtieth wedding anniversary was wrecked by illness while staying at the hotel posted:

“Food is being kept out too long and not hot enough in the servery, tongs are provided but don’t appear to be changed very often. Tables are not cleaned between guests, neither is the table linen changed. I also saw occasions where ‘unused’ cutlery which was left on the table was not cleared but left on the table for the next guest. The same staff that clear dirty plates from your table also serve your drinks at the table without hands being cleaned or gloves being worn – these are all basic requirements in a restaurant and Thomson needs to address this as a matter of urgency.”

Cross contamination between serving utensils and food which is not properly prepared and served can easily lead to bacterial infections such as E.coli, salmonella and campylobacter spreading rapidly among guests. Hand sanitisers are apparently provided and some guests fail to use these, according to one post on Tripadvisor – but salmonella and other bacterial or parasitic gastrointestinal infections can be avoided if standards of hygiene and food preparation are maintained rigorously.

Thomson and the hotel management have yet to respond to the many posts on Tripadvisor about holiday illness at the Hotel Los Gigantes – and many travellers urge the tour operator to take action and stop outbreaks of illness at the hotel, as well as warning other holidaymakers to beware of staying there because of the frequency and severity of gastrointestinal illness among guests:

“I was taken ill after 2 days, spent the whole day in bed. I made an effort to go to the restaurant but had to leave early feeling unwell. I passed out in the lift and was sick. I recovered within a day but then my wife suffered the same. The hotel is in a lovely setting, but please all be warned, you will be ill if you stay here.”

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