Show Racism The Red Card Event Highlights Racism In Welsh Schools


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Anti-racism charity Show Racism the Red Card (SRtRC) has revealed the continued prevalence of racism in schools across Wales.

Show Racism The Red Card Event Highlights Racism In Welsh Schools

The charity presented findings from a comprehensive consultation with young people and a wider survey of teachers across Wales during a "there's no racism in my school event", which was sponsored in part by Simpson Millar.

Phillip Gower, head of Simpson Millar's Cardiff office, attended the event, which was sponsored in part by Simpson Millar and discusses some of the charity's findings.

Racism Exists In Schools Across Wales

Combining consultations with students and a survey of teachers in schools in various locations around Wales, SRtRC found that:

  • Racism still exists in schools across Wales
  • Islamophobia is prevalent in Welsh schools
  • Schools mainly teach about anti-racism discreetly or reactively
  • Some teachers feel unequipped to deal with racist attitudes and incidents
  • Both students and teachers think more needs to be done in school to tackle racism

SRtRC report that these stark findings highlight the additional need for anti-racism education in our schools.

Highlighting the particular prevalence of Islamophobia, 97% of the young people included in the consultation claimed to have heard damaging comments about Muslims.

In total, 94% of learners asked felt that racial discrimination happens between pupils in their primary school and 1 in 4 teachers had come across a racist incident happening at school.

Important Event For Tackling Racism

The anti-racism charity, which focuses its attention on educating members of the public about racism and providing information on how racism can be tackled throughout society, released the findings of their study at their Welsh National Assembly.

The event bought together Council Leaders, Union Officers, and some of the Cardiff Simpson Millar team, allowing the charity to extend the coverage of their shocking report.

Speaking after the event, and of SRtRC's report, Phillip said:

"This event highlighted that there is still a lot of work to do in order to tackle racism and while the report focused specifically on schools in Wales I would not be surprised to see the figures mirrored across the UK."

"It was an eye opening experience, which highlighted the need for additional education and training for teachers, together with awareness on the continued prevalence of racism in our society."

"I sincerely hope that local authorities, relevant school policy makers, and the National Assembly of Wales take note of this important survey and the charity's recommendations on how to tackle the shocking trends highlighted in their report."

"Show Racism the Red Card specialises in anti-racism education across the UK and Simpson Millar are proud to part sponsor this event."

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