Shigella Claimed to be Detected in Guests returning from Steigenberger Aqua Magic Resort


Guest contacting Simpson Millar claim the Environmental Health Agency has contacted them with the results of medical tests.

Guests evacuated by Thomas Cook from the Steigenberger Hotel in Hurghada following the tragic and unexplained deaths of two British holidaymakers have contacted Simpson Millar reporting they have been diagnosed with the potentially fatal bug Shigella.

The Thomas Cook customers who wish to remain anonymous say that following tests their local Environmental Agency has contacted them with the news.

Nick Harris, Head of Travel Claims, at Simpson Millar Solicitors has featured prominently in the media this weekend expressing concern that a proper and independent investigation should be conducted into the deaths and outbreak of illness reported by returning holidaymakers.

Mr Harris currently represents 20 past holidaymakers who fell ill during holidays at the Steigenberger Aquamagic resort.

Mr Harris said, “I genuinely hope that Thomas Cook quickly establish what has gone wrong at this resort — Thomas Cook will not on this occasion be able to brush off complaints as they frequently do by claiming that too much sun or too much food caused this illness situation”.

Anyone who has returned from the hotel with symptoms of vomiting, stomach cramping and diarrhoea should urgently seek medical attention. Shigella is a bug passed often through contaminated water and can prove to be fatal.

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