Severe Diarrhoea and Gastroenteritis at the Thomson Azul Sensatori Hotel in Mexico


We are representing a lady from Newcastle with a claim for holiday illness compensation against Thomson; one of the UKs leading tour operators, following a bout of "severe diarrhoea".

Dangerous holiday food buffet

This was likely due to a bacterial infection that she suffered at the Azul Sensatori, one of the many flagship hotels that exist within the Sensatori brand that Thomson offers.

Hotel Gourmet Dining Goes Wrong

Our client booked a 14 night stay at the a five star Azul Sensatori hotel located in Riviera Maya, not far from Cancún, Mexico. All of the bookings that Thomson Hotels advertises for Sensatori Hotels are sold on an all-inclusive basis, and they boast an attractive offering to British holidaymakers, touting "gourmet dining, state-of-the-art bedrooms, and first-class pool scenes".

While the term gourmet is often open to interpretation, it is implied that there will be a level of quality and high standards that it appears were not present to our client.

Food Poisoning at Sensatori Shatters Luxury Holiday

Our client was only able to enjoy the promise of a luxurious package holiday for a few days before she experienced symptoms of food poisoning including severe diarrhoea and stomach aches, with the added complication of being unable to keep food and fluids down.

While at the hotel a doctor had to be called out on 3 occasions which meant that what was supposed to be an enjoyable luxury holiday, instead resulted in being bedbound.

Diagnosis and Treatment in the UK

Upon returning home our client did the appropriate thing and sought out professional medical advice from her GP. She was prescribed with antibiotic medication following a diagnosis of gastroenteritis which was most probably caused by food poisoning while in Mexico.

The Cause of Infection in Mexico

Our client believes that her illness may have been caused by the food at the Azul Sensatori hotel, describing the buffet food as appearing to have been left standing for long enough to have developed a skin.

She also described some of the food as "not being as hot as it could have been", which in many foreign hotels is a common source of food poisoning caused by harmful bacteria.

Sensatori Guests Concerned about Food Hygiene

Our client travelled to the hotel in June 2015, yet guests that have travelled to the hotel this month have posted concerns about food hygiene related issues on TripAdvisor. One reviewer from New York advised that the "food on the heaters are lukewarm" with one meat selection in the buffet that had been "overcooked to death".

While the reviews on TripAdvisor are mostly positive another review from Birmingham advised that the hotel was the "worst Sensatori we have ever stayed in" and complained that "every meal we have had apart from Breakfast and Lunch yesterday have come out cold".

In response to the reviews the hotel’s general manager has posted their response in saying that all food is served with a minimum temperature of 64° C, which for high risk foods can be considered to be in accordance with food handling guidelines.

Advice on the Azul Sensatori Hotel

Paul Stevens is our Group Litigation Manager at Simpson Millar has helped numerous groups and individuals to claim against tour operators for holiday illness. He is currently representing our client from Newcastle and advises the following:

"Getting food safety right at hotels should be a simple task if managed correctly by hotel staff. If the TripAdvisor reviewers are correct in what they say, keeping food at lukewarm temperatures and serving it cold is clearly unacceptable. In the event that food has been left standing at room temperatures for long periods of time, it can lead to growth of bacterial infections such as E-coli and Salmonella."

"In my client's situation the hotel doctor gave her antibiotics which are suggestive of an infection that was caused by contaminated food or water. If my client had been infected by food or water at the hotel, Thomson will need to show that they were taking all reasonable measures to ensure that the food and drinks at the hotel were safe and that the hotel staff were acting in accordance with Mexican hygiene regulations."

"If the tour operator is unable to answer my client's allegations, they will need to compensate my client. Compensation in food poisoning cases at Mexican Hotels usually settle for higher amounts than average due to increased costs associated with the long haul flight".

"I would be interested in speaking to anyone from the UK who has had a similar experience to my client."

Making a Claim against Thomson

In view of her illness and the fact that her holiday was ruined, our client decided to pursue a claim against Thomson, who is part of TUI UK Limited, during which we will aim to recover her out-of-pocket expenses as well as a lump sum for her illness and being unable to enjoy her holiday. If you have experienced an illness in Mexico that was similar to our client's or you have suffered an accident or illness anywhere else, then we would like to hear from you.

It only takes a few minutes to find out if you have a claim and there is no obligation to pursue compensation.

We operate on a 'no win no fee' basis and won't charge you a penny unless we win your compensation, so contact us today by completing our contact form or by calling 0808 129 3320.

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