Secondary School Appeals: Lessons To Be Learnt


Whether you have been through the schools appeals process at the primary stage or this is your first time with secondary appeals, getting the right advice could make all the difference.

Secondary School

More Choice = More Appeals?

From the statistics on our school admissions map, you will be able to get a glimpse into the school admissions process and why it is so important to seek legal advice if you do not receive the answer you want.

Birmingham had the most school appeals for secondary schools, only 101 appeals were successful out of the 2214 lodged. That means over 2100 appeals produced no results. There are 78 secondary schools in Birmingham, a lot more choice than most areas are afforded which could account for the huge number of appeals.

It's safe to say the situation is the same for primary schools in that area as well, a lot more choice leading to a lot more appeals.

What To Expect

Unlike infant school appeals, secondary school appeals are not centred on class size. They are based around the “prejudice” to the school by admitting another child weighed up against the “prejudice” to your child not being given a place at the school. “Prejudice” means the harmful effect on things like school resources and environment as opposed to the difficulties your child and family will face. There are a number of factors to be weighed up in each of the arguments. These have all been set out in our free guide to school place appeals. In it, you will find all the information you need to consider how to approach your appeal and what tried and tested tactics will help you to succeed.

Put Your Case Together

With so many parents trying to secure places at the same schools, you will need to put together a case that sets your case for your child apart from the others. The pack contains helpful tips and a comprehensive list of things schools should not be doing during their admissions process. It identifies the scenarios which may require additional support, such as admission to Academy Schools and/or those with complex admission arrangements (banding, selection, religious criteria). It provides advice as to the evidence you should gather to support your case. It has been put together by our education solicitors here at Simpson Millar and is free of charge to any parent that needs it.

If you find the pack helpful and want further advice, particularly if you are facing an appeal in an area that does not uphold many appeals or the issues are complex, we would be happy to take the matter forward for you.

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