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If you have a child going to secondary school this year, on the 1st March you will have been sent a letter notifying you which school your child has been allocated a place at. Each year, tens of thousands of parents do not get a place at their first preference secondary school and many launch a School Admissions Appeal.

In fact school admissions appeals are on the rise, with competition for places at well-performing schools fierce. In 2008/2009 of the 644,390 applications for secondary school places there were 50,200 appeals –and only a third were successful. We have many years of experience in mounting successful admission appeals and can help you through the whole process.

Secondary School Admission Appeals – Education Law ExpertsThe school’s admission appeals system is complex with strict deadlines to meet. We need to discuss cases with you at an early stage so that we can assess what your chances of success might be and whether there is any additional evidence that might be helpful. You need to bear in mind that admission appeal panels will be hearing many appeals from parents who are often making the same or similar points. Our role is to focus on those that give you the best chance of success.

In many cases, we prepare all the paperwork for parents who then present their own appeal at the hearing. However we also understand that many parents find the legal nature of the schools admission appeals hearing intimidating and depending on where you live, we can also accompany you to the hearing if that is likely to improve your chances of success.

Appeals against decisions sent on national offer day – 1st March – must be heard by 6th July, or the next working day if it falls on a weekend.

We will ensure that your admissions appeal is as strong as it can be and meets all deadlines so that you can focus on helping your child prepare for what is an exciting but often rather frightening change in their lives.

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