School Admission Appeals: Simpson Millar Can Help You


If your child or the child of anyone you know is due to start secondary school in September of this year, then March 1 is an extremely important date. This is when parents will be informed which school their child has been allocated.

School Admissions

For a significant number of people this will not be the school which they have expressed a first preference for and understandably there will be a considerable amount of distress surrounding that decision. The Education Team within Simpson Millar is well placed to assist anybody who faces such difficulties.

The number of appeals rises every year and places can be fought for fiercely. As a team we have years of experience in helping parents collate the relevant evidence and information they require to put together the best arguments possible to ensure that parents stand the best chance of being successful in their appeals. Parents can be unaware of the system of rules that govern school appeals and the two stage process that panels must go through in order to arrive at their decision.

Parents will focus on the academic successes of the children and not on the social, emotional, and medical aspects of the case. In addition parents must also focus on the arguments that can be put forward to demonstrate that the school would not be harming the education of other pupils or their resources should another pupil be granted a place.

On 16 April, parents of children who have applied for a primary school place will receive their decisions. The arguments relating to most primary school places are even more complex than the secondary school arrangements due to the fact that children who are in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 cannot be taught in a class of more than 30 pupils to one qualified teacher. This means that the arguments that parents can put forward are more limited and taking some advice and assistance from our team at the outset will ensure that you are putting the right case in support of your child.

With so many parents trying to secure places at the same schools parents need to put together a case that sets their child apart from the others.

The Education Team has produced a comprehensive pack of support for parents containing helpful tips and a detailed breakdown of what parents can do to prepare for any appeal. The pack also sets out the very competitive fixed fee arrangements that we have in place to assist clients as effectively as possible. These range from £120 for basic telephone advice to £540 for detailed support with written representations in the case.

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