Save your marriage with a 3 month "cool off"


A conservative think tank has come up with a proposal to change family law by making couples wait 3 months before commencing divorce proceedings.

This period of time will be classed as a "cooling off" period allowing couples to reflect on things and maybe reconcile their marriage before making the split final by filing for divorce.

The proposal is made as part of a document called "Every Family Matters" which proposes some radical changes to family law.

Another option that is being put forward is for arguing couples to be sent to relationship counselling, however, this will not be mandatory.

It is hoped that the 3 month wait will save some marriages. The report says: " it is clear that marriage is good for society and yet research indicates that while aspirations are high for marriage, and married couples prize their relationships, there is a sense that sections of society do not place a high enough value on or truly recognise the benefits of marriage."

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