Royal Mail delivery worker wins £2,700 compensation for knee injury


Our client, Mr Riding, asked Simpson Millar LLP to help assist him in a personal injury claim where he suffered an injury to his knee.

Knee Injury Personal Injury Claim

Mr Riding was working for royal mail delivering post when the gate through which he was entering collapsed. The gate caused him to fall to the floor and sustain injury to his right knee.

The defendant, failed to ensure that Mr Riding had a safe passage to and from the property in accordance with the Occupiers Liability Act. Mr Riding had previously delivered post to the property but the gate had always remained open. The defendant was negligent because he allowed the gate to remain in disrepair and it posed a foreseeable risk of injury to visitors to the property.

Mr Riding was absent from work for a week and therefore successfully claimed for loss of earnings together with compensation for the personal injury claim.

The defendant would not accept that the injury was caused as a result of the accident therefore court proceedings were issued. The defendant’s solicitors then settled the case promptly offering £2,700 compensation which was accepted by Mr Riding.

Mr Riding spoke of the services her received saying : "A very successful conclusion thanks to the team for your help and professional expertise at a very difficult time in my life."

"Keep up the good work for other unfortunate people of this country."

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