Road Safety Awareness Week – Have You Taken The Pledge?


Road Safety Awareness Week is upon us – and with as many as 60 serious injuries and 5 fatalities a day on the roads in the UK – it's important to recognise how your safety is your right.

Road Safety Awareness Week is upon us

"1.24 million people die on unsafe roads worldwide every year." - World Health Organisation, Global status report on road safety, 2013.

How does Road Safety Awareness help?

Being aware of the risks is the first step towards a safer road experience for everyone. Brake's annual event, which was first piloted in 1997, highlights the importance of road awareness. It can quite literally be a matter of living and dying, and Brake is keen to raise awareness of the need to make streets safer for everyone, as well as supporting the victims of road traffic accidents.

Road Safety Week runs from the 23rd to 29th November, and is the largest road safety event of its kind in the UK. The week is used to promote awareness of on-road safety, and highlight the life-saving measure we can all take when driving.

The Vision

Brake's vision is a world that has zero road deaths or casualties – and they're asking drivers to make a pledge to try and make this vision reality: slow, sober, secure, silent, sharp, and sustainable.

  • Slow – stay under the speed limit, and slow down to 20mph around schools/shops/homes

  • Sober – don't drive after any alcohol or drugs

  • Secure – fasten seatbelts and make sure everyone is safely seated

  • Silent – keep any phones on silent and out of sight; do not respond to texts and calls

  • Sharp – have regular eye tests and wear glasses as needed; don't drive if tired

  • Sustainable – drive as little as possible; walk, cycle, or use public transport when an option

You can make the Brake Pledge in less than 30 seconds at

Brake's Pledge may seem like common sense, but it's worth reminding yourself that it's often the simple things you can do that make a real difference in helping to reduce the number of accidents on the road.

What Can We Do?

The unfortunate and harsh reality is that road traffic accidents do happen.

If you're involved in a road traffic accident, you're probably wondering what the best course of action is. Road traffic accidents can be a frightening experience for everyone involved, and any injuries sustained can have lifelong effects on your quality of life, general wellbeing, and can even interfere with your work life.

Accidents are also often accompanied by a myriad of different legal issues; and that's where Simpson Millar can help.

Our expert team of personal injury lawyers can help guide you in the aftermath of an accident, whether that's advising you in response to a motoring offence, or helping you to make a compensation claim for your injuries.

If you are in a road traffic accident, you should seek legal advice in the first instance.

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