Road Rage On The Rise?


Figures released via a freedom of information data request by have shown that the UK's drivers are angrier than ever.
Road Raging
You may feel safe in the comfort of your own car, but road rage can pose a danger to you and other road users as well as putting your license on the line.

Anger On The Road

The released figures show that road rage incidents are increasing year on year, and have trebled in the last 3 years with 37% of drivers experiencing road rage whilst on British roads.

Around 1 in 5 drivers have also experienced physical violence and 41% admit to instigating this.

The main expressions of anger include shouting at other drivers, sounding horns, flashing lights and using the middle finger.

Julie Robertson, our Manchester based Solicitor specialising in Motoring Offences, believes that "driving is becoming more stressful and we at Simpson Millar LLP are seeing an increase of people who have put their licenses at risk. People are increasingly leaving themselves too little time to get to where they need to be, they are lacking the patience to queue up and are instead pushing their way in."

The Thames Valley has seen most incidents of road rage, with figures rising from 72 in 2012 to as many as 223 in 2014. It has been suggested that factors such as an increase in road works during this time could have contributed to the rise in angry drivers.

Road Rage Punishments?

Julie informs;

"There is no specific offence of road rage, it is often what your anger can cause you to do that can result in proceedings. Road rage can lead to people taking it one step further and inflicting physical violence.

"You can be prosecuted for driving without reasonable consideration for other road users, or also for driving without due care and attention."

Julie, speaking with both BBC Radio Oxford and BBC Berkshire, noted that the increased use of surveillance and dashboard cameras is making it easier for police to sustain a conviction which they could not have done previously. We are seeing more involvement from the police, and they are getting smarter at tackling this kind of behaviour.

Road rage can have very dangerous consequences and you could face losing your licence, community penalties, or even a custodial sentence. It is important that in this situation you get the right legal advice.


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