Rhodes Holiday Village – Sickness Bug Hits British Holiday Makers


Eye witness accounts of a sickness bug sweeping the Holiday Village resort in Kolymbia – Rhodes are being reported.

Holiday makers arriving home from recently opened Rhodes Holiday Village are describing a sickness epidemic striking down First Choice Holidays customers.

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Holiday Makers Struck by Sickness

Holiday makers arriving home from the Holiday Village in Rhodes are reporting symptoms of vomiting. Many guests have it is claimed fallen sick at the resort Popular holiday forums including Tripadvisor are posting first hand reports from holiday makers who witnessed events.

Some Holiday Village guests observed many ambulances arriving at the hotel suggesting a very serious incident.

The full circumstances of the sickness outbreak are not yet known but early indications suggest that the sickness bug has only affecting one side of the resort.

This is concerning because if the sickness was caused by a viral bug – for example a norovirus - this would typically have spread across the entire hotel resort. This does not appear to have happened indicating that the bug may not have been viral but possibly bacterial.

Simon Lomax, Simpson Millar Solicitors’ Holiday Illness Claims specialist said:

"The origin of the sickness bug has not been identified yet. I would advise anyone who been ill at the Holiday Village Rhodes not to assume it is a virus and to seek urgent medical attention."

"Our sources have informed us that First Choice are already diffusing the situation by saying that the sickness outbreak is viral and has been caused by an airborne virus. We understand that independent hygiene specialists have visited the hotel and have found nothing suspicious."

"It is too early for me to comment but if only one side of the Holiday Village has been affected this would not be indicative of a virus to me. Viruses are not discriminatory and typically would affect an entire resort – especially one that is all-inclusive."

"We are currently pursuing compensation claims for more than 100 holiday makers struck by sickness at the Holiday Village in Sarigerme – Turkey last year."

"Many of those were similarly informed that their sickness was due to an airborne virus when many had contracted salmonella food poisoning and cryptosporidium – an infection caused by water contaminated by human faeces."

"Children are particularly at high risk from stomach illness which through diarrhoea and projectile vomiting can cause dehydration which is very dangerous in hot climates. If you or your children suffer from diarrhoea or vomiting it is imperative fluids are replaced."

The Rhodes Holiday Village has 274 rooms with 274 bedrooms. Located in the beautiful resort of Kolymbia the Holiday Village Rhodes has 5 swimming pools along with children’s pools and water slides.

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