Retired Woman Secures Compensation After Town Centre Fall


Gary Tierney, our Partner specialising in Personal Injury claims, recently helped a retired woman secure compensation for her injuries sustained after suffering a fall whilst spending the day out in Maidstone town centre.

Our client tripped over a protruding metal cap that resulted from a bollard not being proeprly removed

Facial Scarring

Our client was enjoying spending the day out with her family in Maidstone when she fell forwards, tripping over a metal cap that had been left protruding from the ground where a bollard had been removed.

The woman, who is retired and in her late 60's, suffered from a fractured nose and elbow, along with extensive bruising to her face. She has also been left with facial scarring from the accident.

Effects of the Accident

Accidents like this can cause injuries that have long lasting effects, not just physically, but also emotionally.

Our client is upset about the scarring she has been left with on her face, and often feels embarrassed. She also struggled for around 4 months after the fall to get on with her usual day to day tasks. Things like lifting heavy pots in the kitchen and domestic tasks like cleaning were difficult in these months following the accident.

Gary, who is based in our Wimbledon office, is pleased to have secured our client £4,250 in compensation for her injuries, he comments:

"This case merely reminds us that local authorities are still failing to property maintain public areas. Local authorities and councils have a duty of care to the public so as to ensure that their pavements are free from hazards."

Getting Advice

Our client's case is one amongst many illustrating the physical and emotional pain caused by accidents. People can be left with symptoms that affect their ability to get on with everyday activities, which can interfere with personal hobbies and even the ability to work.

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