Reports of Sickness Outbreak at First Choice Tenerife Resort


The Holiday Claims team at Simpson Millar LLP are hearing further reports of an outbreak of cryptosporidium related illnesses at First Choice's popular Holiday Village Tenerife. Cryptosporidium is a major cause of holiday illness, and is a germ carried in water. It is spread when contaminated faeces enters the body through the mouth.

Reports of Cryptosporidium at First Choice's Tenerife Holiday Village'

Complaints of Holiday Illness

We've heard complaints from holidaymakers of yet another illness outbreak at one of First Choice’s Holiday Villages, with guests at the Tenerife destination rumoured to be falling ill with cryptosporidium related sickness and diarrhoea.

You can be at risk if you eat food contaminated with the disease, for example, if staff handling food haven't washed their hands, or if food has been washed in contaminated water. It is also often spread by accidentally swallowing pool water.

The disease is particularly harmful and can cause serious illness in young children, pregnant women and people with weaker immune systems.

Nick Harris, our Head of Holiday Travel Law, has supported many client who have suffered from the disease after staying at similar all-inclusive holiday resorts.

Nick explains:

"Although the germ can survive and be passed on to others for days even in properly chlorinated pools, we generally see outbreaks at destinations that aren’t properly taking care of the pool or maintaining food hygiene."

How Can We Help?

Our Holiday Claims team are experienced in handling claims for people who have fallen ill whilst on holiday. If you have been the victim of illness on holiday, we may able to help you recover compensation for the harm you have suffered and for any loss of enjoyment or out of pocket expenses.

If you've had your holiday ruined by illness, it's important to get the right legal advice. Our team will be able to support and advise you in making a claim.

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