Reports of Sickness Bug at the Holiday Village Algarve Balaia


The "most horrendous sickness bug ever" is one of the concerning comments we came across on TripAdvisor in relation to reports of illness at the First Choice Holiday Village, Algarve Balaia.

As is often the case, these reports are amongst some mixed accounts of holidaymaker's experiences at the hotel. Some reviewers have remarked about a "wonderful" and "fantastic" holiday, but others referring to the quality of the "salty food".

The Holiday Village Algarve (known as Club Alto da Colina in winter months) boasts buffet restaurants and 'a la carte' dining. There is a large freeform swimming pool together with a splash pool. Due to the fact many people will book this hotel and others in similar packages as 'all-inclusive', if you are struck down with illness and unable to eat, you are effectively throwing good money after bad, and deserve to be compensated.

In our experience, sickness bugs at hotels are often caused by contaminated food or water, but can also be spread from person to person. Determining the cause and whether or not a tour operator is responsible will depend on a number of factors, such as how long the illness lasted, whether the symptoms were primarily vomiting or diarrhoea, and whether negligent operating standards were going on behind the scenes.

Our expertise in dealing with holiday claims means we are able to give you formal advice about whether it is worth pursuing claims for an illness, such as traveller's diarrhoea, against holiday companies. By speaking with one of our travel lawyers, we can help you to establish whether it is likely that you will be able to prove that the hotel or holiday company is at fault, and advise you about what level of compensation you may be entitled to.

If others have also complained about sickness at a hotel while you were there, we may be able to let you know if there is a wider problem. For example we have been able to help a number of groups and individuals that have stayed the Turkey Holiday Village, Red Sea Holiday Village as well the Holiday Village in Manar, Tunisia.

This is useful to know, as often we are informed by one person that they have suffered a bug, which following a stool sample is confirmed as salmonella or cryptosporidium. Another family may then inform us that they were ill at the same time, regardless of the results of their sample, we would be able to help both parties. This is because one person has tested positive for the germ so it is more likely that the people who did not test positive contracted the same infection.

If you have suffered illness whilst at the hotel you should contact us today for free advice. We are a customer focussed, travel law firm and we will only take on the case if we believe it is in your financial interest to do so.

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