Reporting of Illness at Reef Oasis Blue Bay Resort in Egypt


Stomach bugs and gastric illness are rife at the Reef Oasis claim holidaymakers. This has led to a number of complaints from guests returning from this popular holiday destination in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt.

Egypt Holiday Illness

Thomson Holidays claim the resort is one of its ‘Platinum’ rated hotels and describe it as an ‘award winner’ but this has not deterred holidaymakers from slating it on review sites. In addition Simpson Millar Solicitors who handle many holiday illness and accident claims have received a number of enquiries relating to gastric illness at the resort.

One guest reported that the group of four people they were travelling with had all experienced ‘the runs’ and had come down with either diarrhoea, stomach cramps or vomiting. This is severely distressing to someone on a break, leading to a ruined holiday.

The guest went on to say that the situation got so serious that one guest had ended up receiving medical attention for dehydration.

Another guest criticised the cleanliness of the hotel while others said the food just wasn’t up to scratch.

Hotel representatives lay the blame for such illness at the door of a variety of environmental causes and say even a slight change in diet can lead to holidaymakers getting ill. They defend the hotel and deny that cleanliness is an issue. Simpson Millar deal with tour operators and hotels in this region and hear similar defences all the time.

Nick Harris, Head of International Law at Simpson Millar Solicitors states "that illness can be the result of some very serious infections including Salmonella, Campylobacter or E. Coli. No matter which of these potentially lethal conditions attack, it is serious and can be the end of your dream holiday and even have repercussions into your return home."

Also that "the result of such illness can be several days spent in bed – or worse – a trip to a local hospital. I advise anyone who has suffered an illness whilst staying at the Reef Oasis in Egypt to visit their GP and to get in touch with an experienced Travel Lawyer."

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