Red Sea Holiday Village Illness – Simpson Millar LLP Instructed in Group Claim


Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors are representing a group of people that suffered illness, including bacterial infections, while staying at the Red Sea Holiday Village in Egypt. The hotel is also known as the Coral Sea Holiday Village.

Holiday Suitcase

We are currently interested in speaking to anyone who has stayed at the hotel since March 2014 and has suffered symptoms that are typically associated with traveller’s diarrhoea, including stomach cramps and vomiting.

Long History of Problems

Simpson Millar LLP have a history of representing holidaymakers returning from this resort dating back to 2010 and each year we receive familiar stories relating to the standards of hygiene in the huge buffet restaurant and the cleanliness of the swimming pool.

Successful Case Examples:

  • £6,280 for man with acute gastroenteritis
  • £3,000 for a child who caught cryptosporidium

The hotel is featured by First Choice Holidays as part of their Holiday Village programme and boasts all-inclusive dining facilities and an extensive entertainment programme.

Complaints include cases of faecal contamination incidents in swimming pools, undercooked buffet food and the use of what seemed to be untreated water to irrigate the hotel lawns and gardens.

Such practices have been linked to the numerous cases of infective gastroenteritis and have formed the basis of group compensation claims against First Choice (a brand name of TUI UK Limited).

What are the Advantages of Claiming as a Group?

Being represented as part of a group will mean that the tour operator is far more inclined to admit liability, knowing that you will be able to act as witnesses for each other. This is likely to result in larger offers of compensation.

The Red Sea Holiday Village is one of many hotels in this region that have been the focus of Simpson Millar LLP group illness claims against UK Holiday companies. Contact us to find out whether the hotel you stayed at is affected.

Compensation for food poisoning suffered on holiday can range from about £1000 for short-lived symptoms and compensation in excess of £30,000 in the most serious of cases.

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