Real Radio and Rock FM Talk to Simpson Millar’s Travel Expert regarding a Holiday from Hell


Nick Harris, Simpson Millar’s Head of Holiday Law, dominated the airwaves on Wednesday when both Rock FM and Real Radio broadcasted interviews with Nick on the hour every hour throughout the day.

Both radio stations were keen to report Nick’s case involving a holiday maker who suffered the proverbial “Holiday from Hell”.

Nick’s client travelled on holiday with her family to Turkey to celebrate the New Year.

Before leaving the UK the holiday company changed the hotel and changed the resort.

After arriving at the hotel building work commenced but this was the least of the problems when the Hotel Manager made his entrance.

After sitting down to a Gala New Year supper the Manager rudely told Nick’s client to move because the area was reserved for his Turkish guests. The area was festooned with balloons and decorations whereas the area reserved for British guests – a kitchen area - was baron with not a single decoration, solitary balloon or token cracker!

When Nick’s client refused to move the hotelier grabbed her arm forcibly dragging her out the seat she had taken in front of her 2 young children before threatening to ‘kill her’ for ‘embarrassing him in front of his Turkish guests’.

Nick’s client is not the only British tourist subjected to Turkey’s own Basil Fawlty. Another guest reported the following:

"When a Turkish person (you could not call him a gentleman) pushed in front of my wife and demanded the last 2 eggs at the buffet counter as he did this he turned to my wife and said “Ha Ha – none left!”. We later found out that this person was the hotel manager"

Another guest complained that they were purposely supplied with inedible food to force them to eat at the hotel’s other restaurant which charged for meals. Every day a tannoy would call out from the restaurant in broken English around the poolside with the following message:

"If you no like buffet I do you no minging food for a very good Asda price"

Other guests were refused service if they complained and one guest was warned that if he complained "he would be sent to the sister hotel which was only a 3 star like previous guests had been sent before!"

Nick is now instructed to claim compensation and is speaking to many other guests who had the misfortune to be placed at the hotel.

Nick said: “its no wonder the media are interested in this story – there is enough material for a full length documentary. I am speaking with other radio stations and media. I understand that Holidays from Hell were actually kicked out of the hotel for filming without permission!"

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