Rail Worker Receives Compensation for his Injuries following an Accident at Work


We have succeeded in claiming compensation of £230,000 for a client who had an accident at work.

Our client was working on overhead line equipment for a rail contractor when he suffered a severe electric shock after coming into contact with live equipment. He suffered a broken leg and electrical burns to his body which have left visible scarring.

He had to receive immediate hospital treatment followed by a 3 week stay in the same hospital after his accident at work. He was then transferred to his home town hospital where he continues to attend appointments for the ongoing pain caused by his accident at work. He has also suffered some psychological trauma following the accident and is being treated for that condition as well.

Claiming compensation for an accident at work can be a complex process, and was certainly so in this case as we had to identify which of the 6 companies involved in the works were to be held responsible for our client’s injuries.

It seems there was a serious breakdown of communication between the companies involved which resulted in our client suffering this severe electric shock accident at work. But, once we take on a case, we are committed to winning the compensation claim our clients deserve which is why we looked into this case from all angles and pursued the 2 companies we felt to be liable for our client’s accident at work.

Given his injuries suffered at the time of the accident, the time he had to take off work, his ongoing pain and the visible scarring he will have for life, we were delighted to secure this compensation claim result for what was a life-changing accident at work.

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