Radisson BLU Resort Taba – Holiday Illness Claims - Egypt


Simpson Millar Solicitors have been contacted by British holiday makers who have been struck down with gastric illness at the Radisson BLU Resort, Taba, Egypt. This all inclusive hotel is large boasting 345 rooms.

Returning holiday makers report symptoms indicative of food poisoning including watery green diarrhoea, cramps and vomiting.

Simon Lomax, Holiday Illness Compensation Claims Manager said:

"Initial enquiries suggest that travellers’ have been treated with Antinal, medication which combats bacterial infections such as Campylobacter – Shigella – Salmonella - E Coli. Streptoquin is also being prescribed – a drug which is banned in most countries because of its side effects!"

"The main complaints I am receiving relate to poor hygiene in the Hotel’s buffet restaurant. It appears that food hygiene standards at the Radisson BLU have been allowed to lapse. Illness caused by contaminated food or drinking water is unacceptable."

"Further reports are expected once the results of medical tests are made available to us."

"Tour operator’s representatives should be advising ill holiday makers to seek urgent medical advice from an English speaking medical practitioner. Travellers should refuse to take antibiotics which are deemed unsafe in most countries."

"We will be seeking to recover compensation for those travellers who suffer illness due to poor hygiene standards or food poisoning in Egypt at the Radisson BLU Resort, Taba. British holiday makers should not be subjected to poor hygiene standards whilst on package holidays abroad."

"Anyone whose holiday has been marred by Salmonella - E Coli - Campylobacter – Dysentery or any other debilitating sickness bug at the Radisson Blu Resort in Taba, Egypt, should speak to our Holiday Illness Claims advisors directly on the number below."

The Radisson BLU Resort is a large and popular all-inclusive hotel featured in the brochures of Thomas Cook and First Choice amongst others.

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