Put the tea in dignity


It was Dignity in Care' day on Saturday 1st February, part of a worldwide action day. The aim was to uphold rights to dignity as well as provide a memorable day for those who use care services.

Dignity in Care

Residential care homes across the country took part, as well as those who work or are involved in social care, and the public as a whole. The National Dignity Council points out that it's all about taking the time to do something for someone in care.

Digni-tea parties

Hospitals and care homes across the country hosted what have been described as 'digni-tea' parties. These involved health and social workers sitting down with patients, talking about how they can give them more dignity, as well as just having a good old chat!

Other activities included pamper sessions, dances and buffets, craft days and cake decorating.

The day shone a light on some of the work that the National Dignity Council do. Dignity is an important element regarding quality of life, and the National Dignity Council meets every 2 months to improve the dignity of those who use care services. The organisation is formed of representatives from various organisations involved in health and social care, but one of the ways they reach out to users is through 'dignity champions'.

What are dignity champions?

Dignity champions are volunteers who may be a paid professional in a health or social care environment, or maybe just someone who wants to get involved. The role is flexible, and it's very much up to the champion to decide where they can contribute.

The website www.dignityincare.org.uk tells some of the stories of dignity champions. The manager of a care home issued 'daily challenges' to her staff to encourage a good standard of dignified care. The site also describes a service user who left comments online about the service she received. She argued that public feedback is an influential way to show what is good, and what can be improved upon in care services. People can also sign up to the website to become a dignity champion and receive support and advice on how they can help.

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