Pupils Secretly Filmed by Teacher Could Claim Compensation


It has recently been revealed that a parent voiced concerns of a teachers "inappropriate and unprofessional" behaviour many years before he was finally arrested for secretly filming pupils.

Pupils Secretly Filmed by Teacher Could Claim Compensation

Jonathan Thomson-Glover, a German teacher at Bristol's Clifton College, has been jailed for 3 years and 9 months for secretly filming 2,500 hours of video footage, and taking 1,400 indecent images of pupils over a period of 14 years. Thomson-Glover filmed over 100 pupils, and our Partner specialising in Personal Injury claims, Phillip Gower, believes that these individuals could be entitled to compensation from their school for breaching their duty of care.

Parent Raised Concerns Years Before

The parent, speaking with the Bristol Post, explains how she made the school aware that she suspected he was behaving inappropriately:

"I went to the headmaster more than 10 years ago and said I was not happy. Thomson-Glover was showing obvious favouritism to some of the boys… He would take around 6 students away on surfing trips to Cornwall and I flagged that as a concern. They were not organised school trips, but boys he chose and asked to go with him."

Potential Breach of Duty of Care

Phil, who is based in our Bristol office, believes that the victims may be able to make claims against the college for breaching their duty of care to the pupils in failing to protect them. Phil explains:

"This case is very similar to a number I have dealt with in the past involving teachers spying on pupils without their knowledge."

"I am confident any children who may have been filmed have a valid claim. In my view, there is clear entitlement to compensation for any upset, injury and cost of support to a child's education. Schools have a clear duty of care when pupils are on their premises to ensure students are well looked after and do not come to any harm."

Contacting a Solicitor

Discovering that you have been the victim of this type of crime can cause a great deal of upset, distress and can even leave individuals with lasting psychological harm. The children who have been violated in this instance need the right help and support, and may need counselling.

Our specialist solicitors are experienced in handling cases of this nature and can provide legal advice and support to help victims receive compensation for the harm suffered and get the best access to treatment.

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