Public Guardian reviews Powers of Attorney process


The Public Guardian Martin John has announced plans to reduce fees and simplify the procedure for registering Lasting Powers of Attorney.

A Lasting Power of Attorney can cover either finances or personal welfare and gives the attorney the power to make decisions for the donor if the donor becomes mentally incapable of dealing with their own affairs.

Before the Attorney can use the Lasting Power of Attorney it has to be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG). The procedure has been in force for a year now and has lead to chaos for long periods when the OPG could not cope with the influx of applications and large backlogs built up.

The new proposals include reducing the fee from £150 to £120 and redesigning the forms and guidance notes to be clearer and more logical. The proposals are subject to a consultation process ending on 15 January 2009 and if implemented they will be brought in by April 2009.

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