Properties damaged during the riots – claiming compensation


If your house, shop or building has been damaged, destroyed or property stolen by people assembled together in a riot you may be able to claim compensation from your local police force.

This compensation claim can be made under Section 2 of The Riot Act 1886. The police force will consider the conduct of the person claiming, any appropriate precautions taken or any provocation from the individual when determining the amount of compensation to be awarded.

If however you are covered by an insurance policy you must make a claim on that policy before claiming via your local police force. Any sum received under an insurance policy may be offset against any claim against the police.

Riots – Claiming compensation

Definition of a Riot

A riot is defined by statute as involving 12 or more people, present together using or threatening unlawful violence for a common purpose, and whose conduct causes an individual to fear for their safety.

How to make a Claim

You should report any damage to your local police force within 14 days of the date of the riot, making sure to obtain a crime reference number and also inform them that you intend to make a claim under the Riot Act 1886. You should be aware that if you claim is unsuccessful you may have to meet any police costs involved with this claim.

Further information on the Riot Act 1886 can be found here.

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