Probate Fees Increase More than 50%


Probate Fees have significantly increased, as of the 22nd of April. The Ministry of Justice (MOJ) have tried to justify the move by saying the intention is to bring the court system closer to using its user fees to cover costs.

Wills and Probate

How Much Will Applications Cost?

Prior to the announced changes, if you were making a probate application with a solicitor the fee was £45. If you were to apply without a solicitor, the fee was £110. With the increase, which is close to over 50%, it will now be £155 for an application with a solicitor and £215 for an individual not using a solicitor.

It would seem that those who would have previously dealt with the probate themselves will now go with the cheaper option of using a solicitor. According to the head of wills and probate at Simpson Millar LLP:

"This is going to be off putting to people who previously would have dealt with probate themselves and solicitors may try to cash in on this. At Simpson Millar LLP we offer a fixed fee service which enables relatives to obtain probate and know where they stand with costs right from the start."

More to Use a Solicitors Service

Another justification for the increase in fees is that in most cases the estate of the deceased person will meet the cost of the fees. In exceptional circumstances where the fees cannot be paid, a fee remission can still be given by the court.

Bearing all this in mind, 70% of all applications made to the Probate Service are still being dealt with through a solicitor. This number is only going to increase, particularly as the system becomes more complicated.

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