Primary School Places Admissions – get the best Reception for your child


If you’re a proud parent about to send your child to the Reception class at the primary school of your choice, then you might – come mid March – be in for a shock.

Because that’s when you’ll find out which primary school your child has been given a place at – and it may well not be the one you’d hoped for. However, if this is so, you will still be given the right to appeal against the refusal of a place at the school of your choice. And in a few cases there may even be legal action you can take if you are still not successful following an appeal.

Get the best education for your child

The school admissions process itself can be overwhelming for many, especially if it is your first child you are trying to gain a primary school place for at the school you feel is best suited to your family’s needs.

All sorts of issues can come into play, including whether or not your child has a brother or sister at the school, your faith or religious beliefs, how close you are to the school and any ‘special’ circumstances such as a disability – yours or your child’s - that require your child to be educated at a specific primary school. Perhaps you will have problems with travelling to and from the school where you’ve been allocated a Reception class place. And it may just be that your preferred primary school has filled its number of available places and your child has missed out on a place at the primary school of your choice.

As Education Law specialists we can take you through the entire process – from the initial stage where it’s important to look carefully at the primary schools you are considering for your child and your chance of gaining a place at the primary school of your choice, through to advising you on the admissions appeals process.

The procedures and guidance on primary school admissions do change frequently, and we can look into whether your school and Local Education Authority have complied with the latest requirements.

We know that you want the best education for your child starting from their very first day at a school you have chosen as the best option for your son or daughter.

If you do not get a primary school place at your first choice school and if you think you have grounds to appeal, get in touch with us as soon as possible. Primary school admissions appeals must be heard within a set timeframe of 40 school days of the appeal being lodged or before the end of the summer term – whichever is sooner.

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