PPI complaints should be dealt with swiftly


Consumers behind the 26% rise in complaints to the Financial Ombudsman Service, mostly regarding mis-sold payment protection insurance, are yet again left waiting.

With banks claiming that they are struggling to cope with a backlog of complaints, those on the side of consumers have responded by reminding the banks that the problem arose because they themselves postponed dealing with the problem and instead put thousands of cases on hold.

Mis-sold ppi claims

"Consumers have already been left waiting for months to find out if the bank which mis-sold them payment protection insurance would pay them back," said Bryan Nott, Partner at law firm Simpson Millar. "It clearly isn't an issue that will go away by itself and consumers deserve fair treatment, not poor excuses and stalling tactics."

Bryan says he expects to see a growing number of complaints about mis-sold PPI in the coming months. "This situation is entirely unacceptable and the problem is only likely to get bigger over the next few months," said Bryan.

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