Pothole injuries – cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians risk personal injury


The number of potholes on England and Wales' roads has increased dramatically - and councils say they cannot afford the £10bn repair bill.

Which is bad news not just for motorists, but puts cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians at great risk of personal injury too. In fact, the number of pothole personal injury compensation claims is soaring with councils paying out £millions to those injured in accidents caused by potholes.

Potholes can cause personal injury

The last two freezing winters have created unprecedented numbers of potholes, which are caused when water seeps into cracks, freezes and damages the road surface. There have already been fatalities and serious injuries as a result of potholes – 29-year-old Captain Jonathan Allen, who had seen active service in Afghanistan, died after falling into the path of a lorry whilst trying to avoid a pothole on his bicycle.

The AA’s head of road policy said of potholes: "They can be particularly bad for cyclists."

"A couple of broken wrists is not uncommon if they hit a pothole and go over the handlebars."

The AA carried out a survey of 15,000 members, 81% of which thought that the condition of roads has deteriorated in the last 3 years – Scotland, Yorkshire and Humberside came out worst in the survey.

Edmund King, AA president, said: "We have to keep up the battle against this blight which damages cars and risks road safety, especially for those on two wheels.

"Cyclists, motorbike riders, drivers and pedestrians need to take care on our roads and pavements as inadvertently hitting a deep pothole can cause considerable injury or damage."

The Government announced an extra £200m for pothole repair in the 2011 Budget.

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