Postman receives £11,000 compensation for shoulder injury


A York postman who fell from the back of his delivery van has received £11,000 in compensation for a shoulder injury that required two major operations.

shoulder injury

49-year old Alan Kenyon from Clifton in York tripped over a loose edging strip in his van while delivering mail. Alan hit the ground with such force that onlookers thought he had been knocked over by a passing car.

"It all happened so quickly. One minute I was in the van, the next I was flying through the air. Somehow I managed to twist my body before I hit the ground and my shoulder took the full impact - otherwise it would have been my head," said Alan.

"I couldn’t feel my fingers at first so a Parcelforce manager came and helped me get to the hospital. An X-rays suggested that my shoulder had been dislocated and popped back in again very quickly, but hadn’t gone back right."

Alan, who has worked at Parcel Force for 14 years, had to take time off work because his job requires him to lift heavy weights. He underwent a course of physiotherapy and injections but the treatment proved unsuccessful.

"I had my first operation in July 2010 and everything went swimmingly for about six months, but then my shoulder started to stiffen up again," explained Alan. "My second operation in January 2012 involved cutting away some of my collar bone so the tendons and ligaments would work more freely. It seems to have worked and I’m planning to return to work at the end of April."

The accident was caused because screws holding down the metal edging strip on the floor of the van had worked loose, allowing the strip to lift and cause Alan’s fall.

By instructing a specialist medical expert in shoulder injuries Simpson Millar were able to make sure Alan received £11,000 in compensation.

"Many people still suffer in silence and find themselves unable to work as a result of a workplace accident," said Simpson Millar and added: "Alan’s accident was entirely avoidable and left him with a serious injury that prevented him from going to work. Thankfully we were able to make sure that he received a level of compensation which was appropriate to his injury. Hopefully he will soon be able to return to a job that he enjoys doing without being out of pocket."

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