Postman almost killed in vicious dog attack


A postman has been severely injured by 2 rottweiler dogs whilst delivering Christmas mail in Cambridge.

A 54 year old postman was savagely attacked by 2 rottweiler's outside a property in Cambridge during his mail round this week.

He suffered severe injuries to his arm and is said to now be making "steady progress" in Hospital. It is only due to a local Bricklayer who came to his aid in fighting of the dogs with an iron bar that the postman was not killed.

Anthony Lunn, 44, was told by his son that a man was being attacked by a dog. Mr Lunn said: "When I approached the dogs, they both ran at me. I retreated back to my van and ran one of them over, but every time I got out of the van, the other dog cam at me."

"I got on the phone to the ambulance and police and kept revving my engine to distract the dog until it stopped mauling the postman. It eventually stopped, but after a long time. He was in a huge amount of agony."

A spokesman for Royal Mail said: "Thankfully our postman is making steady progress in hospital; however we are, of course, shocked by this incident and are urgently investigating what happened."

Dog attacks are unfortunately a hazard that all postmen and women face. The Communication Workers Union (CWU) has given its full backing to Alex Neil MSP’s proposed Control of Dogs (Scotland) Bill and is looking for similar Bills to be introduced elsewhere in the UK to protect its members, Postal Mail and Parcel delivery workers and other couriers and utilities workers, from out of control dogs.

Simpson Millar LLP said: "This is just another example of a long line of horrific attacks upon postal mail and parcel delivery persons by aggressive dogs not properly restrained by irresponsible owners. Hazards posed by dogs have always been a problem but it is on the increase."

"We have dealt with cases recently involving a young child mauled by 2 Staffordshire Bull Terrier dogs. The child required surgery involving skin grafts and a postman mauled by a German Shepherd dog who was left with severe lacerations to the face and throat requiring 20 stitches. He was told he was lucky to be alive."

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