Postal worker receives compensation for RTA accident injuries


We have obtained compensation for a postal worker following a road traffic accident at work. Our client received £3,800 for injuries sustained when a car failed to stop and collided with him.

Our client was carrying out his duties as a postman when he was struck by a car which was driven onto the property drive at speed. Despite the fact that our client was wearing a high-visibility jacket, the driver of the car failed to stop in time.

When our client was hit by the car he fell and twisted his knee, sustaining soft tissue and ligament damage. Since this accident our client has suffered with pain and discomfort in his knee for 2 years.

Knee Injury – Road Accident Compensation Claim

Upon taking on the claim, in order to work out a fair level of compensation we made sure that our client was seen by an appropriate medical expert and that further investigative procedures were carried out to ascertain the full extent of his injuries.

Investigations were also carried out to ascertain the insurers of the driver so that we could liaise directly with them in order to settle the issue of liability. We were able to settle this claim with the defendants admitting full liability for the accident.

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