Postal Worker Receives Compensation Following Hand Crush Injury


Mr Jay de Castro-Pugh, a Postal Worker who has worked with Royal Mail for over 24 years, has received £9,500 in compensation after suffering a crush injury to his hand in an accident at work.

Postal Worker Receives Compensation Following Hand Crush Injury

Jay came to us for help through the Communication Workers Union (CWU), as we work closely with them.

An Accident at Work

Jay's accident occurred during the Christmas period, when postal services experience a much higher work load. Due to increased work pressure, a colleague was having difficulty loading 3 Yorks onto a vehicle.

In order to relieve this, Jay removed the first York, at which point the colleague continued to push the remaining Yorks onto Jay's hand. Jay's hand was crushed and he needed to wear a cast for 16 weeks as a result of this. Jay also experienced 3 years of ongoing symptoms as a result of the accident, and needed to have steroid injections and surgery in an effort to relieve the continued pain.

Detrimental Affects

The injury meant that Jay's hand was in a thumb cast, which his wife says, "rendered his right arm completely useless". This, coupled with an injury to his left arm in the past meant that Jay found every day tasks very difficult without assistance.

Jay's wife stated that he needed all her help with personal care such as showering. He went from being a very involved member of the family to being unable to assist with housework, cooking or childcare for his 8 year old stepson.

They lost their allotment as Jay's wife was unable to cultivate it to the required level by herself, and also needed to sell some motorcycles as Jay was unable to work on them.

Jill Saggers, our Trainee Solicitor specialising in Personal Injury Claims, comments:

"Jay's case is just one amongst many that show how devastating an accident at work can be not only for your working life, but for your every day life. Even Jay's favourite hobbies, like restoring motorcycles, and his allotment have suffered greatly."

"It is important that people understand the long lasting consequences an accident at work can have. At first you may not see the importance of making a claim for compensation, and only later do you realise how much you have lost."

Contributory Negligence?

In this case the employer tried to deny responsibility and claimed that our client was contributorily negligent, this is when you are partly to blame for your accident. Jay was even given a disciplinary and issued a stage 1 warning for his alleged part in the accident, even though no one else was issued a warning.

If you have suffered an accident at work that was not your fault, then it is important to seek the right advice. Simpson Millar LLP can help you find out if you could be entitled to compensation, and help you with your claim. We have long standing links with workers' unions and have a great deal of experience in this field.

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