Postal worker receives compensation following a road accident


We have recently helped a postal worker obtain compensation after he was injured in a road traffic accident whilst at work.

Our client was delivering post in line with his employment duties as a postman and was travelling along a road, in Oxenholme, Kendal, when a third party driver came around the corner at speed from the opposite direction, lost control of his vehicle and collided head-on with our client's vehicle causing injury to him.

Car accident personal injury claim

He sustained injuries including: neck pain radiating into his right shoulder; pain and stiffness in right shoulder; pain in right side of lower back; sleep disturbance and difficulty driving long distances; nervous when driving for 2-3 weeks following the accident and feeling of tension when passing the scene of the accident.

Jo Milne, Road Accident Claims Specialist in Manchester based Simpson Millar's Road Traffic Accident said: "The case proceeded via the MOJ online claims process and liability was admitted within the requisite period. Despite this case not being very straightforward due to the fact that our client was deemed to have degenerative changes in his neck which predated the accident and a history of low back pain (since fusion surgery in 1994) his claim was settled relatively quickly taking 9 months."

"We put forward a proposed compensation figure of between £2,400 and £2,850 and managed to achieve a final settlement for our client of £2,850 in compensation for his road accident personal injury claim."

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