Postal Worker Forced to Take Early Retirement Receives Compensation


We recently helped our client, Mr Stephen Roger McDermid, receive £7,000 in compensation for injuries sustained at work.

Postal Worker Forced to Take Early Retirement Receives Compensation

Stephen, who had worked with the Royal Mail for a number of years, started experiencing problems at work when his employer decided to change the shifts round. Stephen was put onto a much more demanding shift, which saw him struggling to keep up with his work load.

This was made more difficult by the fact that Stephen, who was 60 at the time, has Rheumatoid Arthritis, and suffered fatigue from this condition, which made this new demanding position much harder for him.

The Injuries

After just a couple of weeks in this role, Stephen began experiencing pins and needles in one arm and was diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Stephen needed to take sick leave twice to have an operation and to recover, but both times on his return, no adjustments had been made to help him.

As a result of Stephen's injuries, he was unable to return to work again and was forced to take early retirement.

Employers Failing to Make Adjustments

We helped Stephen secure £7,000 in compensation for his injuries.

Despite complaints by Stephen about how the job role was affecting his health, nothing was done and his managers ignored these complaints. It is sad that Stephen was forced to give up work as a result of the injuries he suffered from this. Employers must make sure that they take any grievances seriously, or else more people will continue to get hurt at work.

Getting the Right Help

Stephen recommends that others should seek help if they find themselves in a similar situation:

"I am very happy with the service I received from Simpson Millar LLP. The Royal Mail managers ignored my injury at work. You should seek advice if this happens."

If you find yourself in a situation where you have suffered an injury at work, it's important that you get the right help from a solicitor. Our Personal Injury team at Simpson Millar LLP will be able to help you find out if you could make a successful compensation claim.

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