Police Officer dies after being exposed to asbestos as a child


A police community support officer who was exposed to asbestos as a child has passed away after her brave and long fight against mesothelioma. Ms Marsh was exposed to asbestos in the council block where she grew up in Islington, London. Innocent of the potential danger, she frequently played in the boiler rooms in the basement of the block of flats as a child together with a large group of friends. The area was covered in layers of asbestos dust but it was not thought to be dangerous at the time. Ms Marsh was also found to have been exposed to asbestos whilst she was working for Islington Borough Council within the social services department. She was employed to work on a motorcycle scheme that required her to strip down and sand brake pads that were heavily lined with asbestos. However, she was never warned of the dangers to her health. In 2004, Ms Marsh was diagnosed with mesothelioma. Despite her illness, she battled bravely with the disease and was adamant that it would not stop her from carrying on with her work. Earlier this year, Ms Marsh was awarded £100,000 in compensation against Islington Borough Council. She continued working as a police officer for Sussex Police in Brighton for the next 3 years and would not give up even in the last year of her illness. In 2006, she won a Sussex Police Award for her dedication and professionalism, despite her illness.

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