Pleural Plaques widows to receive compensation


The Ministry of Justice has announced that compensation claims for pleural plaques victims will be paid even after the person has died from pleural plaques.

Previously if a sufferer of asbestos-related pleural plaques hadn’t received compensation before their death then their family received no money. Now that has changed as long as the sufferer had already submitted their application for the £5,000 compensation scheme, leaving their families entitled to the cash.

Kevin Rowan, regional secretary of the Northern TUC, said: “It has taken some considerable time and much struggle for pleural plaques victims to persuade government to introduce a compensation scheme for illnesses that have clearly been a result of their exposure to asbestos, entirely down to their employers’ negligence."

"For the families, to have been denied compensation payments when the victim died before the payment was issued was a clear and insulting injustice."

The u-turn on compensation for pleural plaques families has come after months of pressure from campaigners such as TUC Asbestos Support.

But sadly for those families whose loved ones died from pleural plaques before they were able to apply for the compensation claim scheme, there will be no payout.

The pleural plaques compensation scheme which gave an automatic right to the £5,000 lump sum for sufferers of pleural plaques was derailed in 2007 when the House of Lords ended that right.

A new pleural plaques compensation scheme opened in August 2010. Now the families of those who have applied but died before they received their pleural plaques compensation will be entitled to claim the £5,000 set sum for pleural plaques.

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