Pleural Plaques Compensation – Don’t be conned


As we’ve seen, the government is now prepared to pay out £5,000 to each person diagnosed with pleural plaques – but only if they made a claim for compensation before October 2007.

It has not been possible to obtain compensation for pleural plaques since a decision of the Court of Appeal made on 26th January 2006, however the victims appealed to the House of Lords and it was not until October 2007 that the Law Lords finally ended all hope of the right to claim compensation for pleural plaques being restored; though the ability to claim compensation for other asbestos diseases such as mesothelioma remained untouched.

So people who had a pleural plaques compensation claim already underway by 26th January 2006 were left high and dry with no hope of receiving compensation money – until now.

Sadly it has come to our attention that some claims management companies are attempting to capitalise on the situation by offering to process pleural plaques compensation claims on the basis that they will take a percentage of the £5,000 payment as their costs. If this is true then we can only condemn this practise as wholly unethical.

We take the view along with the TUC and other Trades Union law firms that if you were pursuing a compensation claim for pleural plaques in the run up to October 2007, you are entitled to the £5,000 payment in full from the government. We urge you not enter into any agreement with any Claims Management or solicitor's firm which asks for a cut of the payment in return for acting on your behalf.

A link is provided below which sets out the criteria for claiming your pleural plaques compensation money in relation to this scheme as well as a link to the registration website.

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