Pleural Plaques - Looming deadline for asbestos compensation


Check out ITV Wales from 20 July as this highlights the problem of Asbestos.

Law firm Simpson Millar LLP is urging hundreds of people who could be owed £5,000 each for an asbestos-related condition to get in touch before time runs out.

After the Government set up a fund to compensate people with the condition Pleural Plaques last year, Simpson Millar began providing free services to help claimants navigate their way through the application process, gathering medical evidence and filling in forms. So far, it has secured £320,000 between 64 people.

However, the fund will close its doors to applications in August and Simpson Millar is yet to hear from more than 150 people it contacted who could be entitled to the payment.

Pleural Plaques CompensationRebecca Ryan, solicitor at Simpson Millar who has been managing the campaign explains: "We have recently written again to many of the people we believe may be entitled to compensation for pleural plaques, informing them of the approaching deadline and I would like to encourage those people to get in touch. It is clear that sometimes it just takes time for people to get around to getting in touch but time is now running out."

Simpson Millar’s lawyers are experienced in handling industrial disease claims and Emma Costin who is head of the firm’s Disease team said it was right to offer claimants some assistance in making their applications to the Pleural Plaques Compensation Scheme on a pro-bono basis.

"All we have asked in return from applicants is that they consider a minimal donation of £10 to the asbestos disease charity Mesothelioma UK," she said, adding that so far the firm has raised almost £700 for the cause to date.

Pleural plaques is a scaring of the lungs caused by the inhalation of asbestos dust. They are very common amongst people who worked with asbestos in Britain’s heavy industries until legislation curbing its use was introduced through the 1960s and 1970s. Unfortunately the substance was still in circulation until the 1980s and beyond as a heat insulating material. A diagnosis of pleural plaques is a clear sign that someone has been exposed to asbestos and as such that they may also be at risk from more serious illnesses such as asbestosis or mesothelioma.

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