Pine Bay Holiday Resort Turkey – Did You Get Away in Good Health?


Despite numerous complaints and bad reviews on TripAdvisor, Thomas Cook continues to send people to the Pine Bay Holiday Resort in Turkey. From the reports of hideous food to allegedly poor and disgusting hygiene practices, holidaymakers from across the globe are falling prey to illness.

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Illness Outbreak at the Pine Bay Holiday Resort?

Hailed as a great choice for families with bungalow style accommodation, the Pine Bay Holiday resort is said to "tick all the boxes", great eating and drinking, a waterpark for the kids, value for money and… food poisoning?

Yes, food poisoning.

We're hearing reports coming out of the resort from guests and those who have returned from their trip about a stomach bug that seems to be affecting whole parties of guests who are staying all-inclusive at the resort.

Stray cats, flies, wasps and birds are reported to be swarming over the food and tucking in while paying guests are prevented from getting their monies worth, for fear of catching more than they bargained for.

One reviewer on TripAdvisor urged everyone who was affected by illness to make a complaint to the tour operator Thomas Cook, further commenting that they are sending people there knowing full well there is a problem with hygiene and stomach illnesses. Although holiday reps are trying to play it down, those staying at the hotel are more than aware of the state of affairs with illness being a common and real complaint amongst them.

One couple were even told that they had "over indulged" and that was the reason for their illness and diarrhoea, not any food they had eaten at the all-inclusive buffet.

The choices at the buffet have been described as "playing Russian Roulette" with your food, whilst a foul smell has also been reported to be coming from drinking glasses, possibly washed poorly.

At Least Make a Complaint

When answering holidaymakers concerns on TripAdivsor, on more than one occasion the hotel has categorically denied that the illness bug was caused by the food, the water, or the pool, despite numerous examples of those who have claimed to have witnessed unhygienic practices. According to the 'guest relations person' replying on the hotels behalf, food, water and pool analysis checks are done on a monthly basis and sent to Thomas Cook for review, no problems have been found.

Strange, as this is the polar opposite of guests' reports.

If you visited this resort and became ill, you should make a complaint. Further on, if you, like many other holidaymakers, have had a ruined trip as a result of a stomach bug caught in your Turkish resort the Package Holiday Regulations can help you to recover any losses you experienced whilst away.

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