Personal injury in sharp focus as workplace accidents rise


According to provisional Health and Safety Executive (HSE) data, 50 construction industry workers died in industrial accidents last year, nine more than in 2009-10.

Although the increase bucks a five-year downward trend, such fatalities remain more common in construction than in any other sector. With the emergence in India of a new asbestos-related lung disease a further concern, occupational health and safety is once more high on the workplace agenda.

construction accidents – personal injury claimsBryan Nott, partner at Simpson Millar LLP says employers – those who, in essence, create the risks – should do their utmost to ensure that their workforce is adequately protected against injury and fatal accidents.

"In the last decade the large builders have improved demonstrably," observes Bryan. "Many of the smaller UK firms are lagging behind in safeguarding the health and welfare of their employees."

These latest figures highlight how vital regular research into the manufacturing technologies and processes which potentially foster new illnesses and exposure to injury is, to ensure the safety of workers.

Whilst the employers’ responsibility is clear, Bryan says that individuals must remember to play their part.

"Anyone who works in a dangerous environment should know their rights to seek personal injury compensation if they have had an accident," he says. "Ultimately, money’s not the issue but securing the future through foresight and common sense."

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